General Carpentry

At Prestige Finishing excellence is paramount. To complete your project as you envisioned it,on time and on budget is our primary goal. Whether your a home owner looking for ideas and expert input or an established builder needing a team to deliver your signature style. We will meet with you,communicate your ideas, understand your vision and then implement our knowledge and skills to complete all facets of the project to your ultimate satisfaction.


A combination of decorative boards or panels and moldings that extend partway up a wall's face, wainscotting is a centuries-old marriage of form and style. Dating to the 1300s, the Dutch used it to shield the bottom half of plaster walls from such hazards as jostled chairs, spurs on riding boots, perhaps even carelessly swung scabbards. Wainscoting still guards our walls, but today it's from dirt-caked gardening shoes in mudrooms, olive-oil fingerprints in kitchens, and the inevitable scuffs in the close quarters along hallways and stairways.

Columns & Arches

Arches come in many shapes, from rounded to pointy and quite a few variations in between. The architectural styles that each arch represents also vary widely. But one thing is certain: an arch adds something special to the house where you find it. By learning about the various types of arches, you can pinpoint the property's architectural style and highlight their contributions to the overall aesthetics of the home to potential buyers.

Mantles & Built-ins

Fireplace mantel or mantelpiece, also known as a chimneypiece, originated in medieval times as a hood that projected over a grate to catch the smoke. The term has evolved to include the decorative framework around the fireplace, and can include elaborate designs extending to the ceiling.